302487_182100235206405_100002192905605_391781_400420027_n照明的顏色與睡眠有著緊密的關係。照明的顏色會對人體內一種叫做褪黑激素的荷爾蒙的分泌產生影響。褪黑激素是促使人自然入睡的荷爾蒙。不僅如此,它還有改善人體機能、提高免疫力和抵抗力的功能。這種荷爾蒙通常在夜間分泌,而青白色的熒光燈有抑制褪黑激素分泌的作用。因此,臥室裡最好安裝白熾燈或者其他可以發出溫暖的黃色和米黃色的燈具。反之,如果為了準備考試而挑燈夜讀或者熬夜加班的話,最好在熒光燈下學習或者工作,這樣才不容易困倦。[最好是關燈睡覺]=睡覺最好是關燈,因為眼睛會產生一種黑激素對人體有幫助,褪黑激素﹙Melatonin﹚的功用: 維持人體生理時鐘的動力。褪黑激素是由松果體所分泌的,在正常情況下夜晚11:00到凌晨2:00為分泌最旺盛的時段,人們會因而想睡覺,之後分泌量慢慢降低,直到約清晨8:00當一睜開眼睛,松果體就停止分泌了。松果體的分泌非常的非常規律,只要有一天熬夜,次日褪黑激素分泌量就會減少約要11天才會恢復正常,因此在這段時間中會出現失眠、白天想睡、哈欠連連的不正常情況。深夜開燈睡覺者,免疫功能會下降喔..根據一項研究顯示,深夜開燈將抑制人體分泌褪黑激素,會降低人體免疫功能,因此,挑燈夜戰後極易受病毒的威脅。國外有研究顯示,常值夜班的小姐,乳癌的發生率將大幅成長二倍。因為人腦中有一種稱為松果體的內分泌器官,於夜間睡眠時會分泌大量褪黑激素,這個激素在夜間11時,至隔日2時分泌最旺盛,到凌晨停止分泌。褪黑激素的分泌,可以抑制人體交感神經的興奮性,使得血壓下降、心跳速率減慢,心臟得以喘息,具有加強免疫功能、毒殺癌細胞的效果,可是一旦眼球見到光,褪黑激素就會被抑制住,因此深夜開燈睡覺者,可是一旦眼球見到光,褪黑激素就會被抑制住,因此深夜開燈睡覺者,免疫功能會下降、也就比較容罹患癌症。                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      晚上睡覺還是把燈關了, 暗暗黑黑的卡好喲!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The sleep and the illumination relational illumination's color and the sleep have the close relations. The illumination color one kind of named will shed the black hormone to the human body in the hormone secretion to have the influence. Sheds the black hormone urges the hormone which the human goes to sleep naturally. Not only that it also has the improvement human performance, to enhance the immunity and the resistivity function. This kind of hormone usually secretes at night, but the bluish white fluorescent lamp has suppresses sheds the black hormone secretion the function. Therefore, in the bedroom is best installs the incandescent lamp or other may send out the warm yellow and the cream-colored lamps and lanterns. Otherwise, if to prepare to take a test raises the lampwick the night reads or stays up late to work overtime, should better study or the work under the fluorescent lamp, like this only then not easy sleepy[should better be turning off a light sleeps] = sleeps should better be turning off a light, because the eye can produce one kind of black hormone to have the help to the human body? Sheds the black hormone ﹙Melatonin﹚ function: Maintenance human body biological clock power. Sheds the black hormone is, in the normal condition which secretes by the pineal body the night 11:00 to before dawn 2:00 to secrete the most exuberant time interval, the people will therefore want to sleep, afterward the secretion will reduce slowly, until approximately in the morning 8:00 as soon as when will open the eye, the pineal body stopped secreting. Pineal body secretion unusual unusual rule, so long as one day to stay up late, next day will shed the black hormone secretion to reduce approximately takes 11 talents to restore normally, therefore zai zhei duan shijian zhong will present losing sleep, the daytime to want to rest, the yawn repetitive normal condition. Late at night turns on the light sleeping, the immunologic function will drop. Demonstrated according to a research that late at night will turn on the light to suppress the human body secretion to shed the black hormone, will reduce the human body immunologic function, therefore, after working by torchlight, will be extremely easy virus's threat. Overseas has the research to demonstrate that constant night shift's young lady, the breast cancer formation rate will grow largely two times. Because in the human brain has one kind to be called the pineal body the endocrine organ, at night sleep when will secrete sheds the black hormone massively, this hormone in 11:00 pm, to every other day 2:00 will secrete exuberantly, to before dawn stop secretion. Sheds the black hormone the secretion, may suppress the human body nerve the excitability, causes the blood pressure to drop, the palpitation speed to reduce speed, the heart can pant for breath, has strengthens the immunologic function, to kill by poison the cancer cell the effect, but once the eyeball sees the light, will shed the black hormone to suppress, therefore the night will turn on the light sleeping, but once the eyeball will see the light, will shed the black hormone to suppress, therefore the night will turn on the light sleeping, the immunologic function will drop, also quite allows to suffer from cancer. Evening slept has closed the lamp, the dark dark black card was good!催眠治~1

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