由於許多中老年人都合併有高血壓、糖尿病等慢性病,賴金鑫發現,部分高血壓患者練習太極拳三至六個月後,血壓平均可降低5-10毫米汞柱;而糖尿病患者練習打拳後,輕微糖尿病患者甚至可依靠飲食及運動控制血糖,不必再吃藥,中度糖尿病患者平均用藥量也可減少20%,這顯示太極拳運動也有降血壓、血糖效果。395966_347029965380097_1234435481_nnot only [lead] Taijiquan advantage at maintenance heart and lungs endurance, moreover to increases the bodily softness and reduces the body fat rate also to have the help. The research discovered that practices the Taijiquan not only to be possible to strengthen the cardiopulmonary endurance and the lower limb myodynamia, hypertension, the diabetic patient practice from 3 to 6 months later, even may reduce uses the dose, the expert to encourage the middle-aged person and old person, is all right might as well practices boxing. This item the Taijiquan fitness research which does by the Taiwan University hospital recovery department institute, some 90 50-64 year-old middle-aged people and 76 65-80 year-old senior citizen participation, divides into the Taijiquan group and not the movement control group, the Taijiquan group practices the Taijiquan to amount to above equally five years, finally surveys two group of cardiopulmonary endurances to discover, has the shadowboxing custom middle-aged male, absorbs the oxygen quantity to compare the contemporaries most greatly to increase 29%, the female increases 15%; But has the shadowboxing custom senior citizen, absorbs the oxygen quantity also to compare the contemporaries most greatly to be many 18% to 19%. The expert pointed out that because the cardiopulmonary endurance (will absorb oxygen quantity gradually to be long most greatly) along with the age drops, passes through will trace these middle-aged person and old person two years later continually, once again surveys the discovery, has middle-aged person and old person who will continue to hit the Taijiquan custom, cardiopulmonary endurance decrement then not sporter's half, demonstrated that the Taijiquan movement will have the protection effect to middle-aged person's and old person's cardiopulmonary endurance. Not only but the Taijiquan advantage also at the maintenance heart and lungs endurance, the Taijiquan to increases the bodily softness and reduces the body fat rate also to have the help. Because many middle-aged people and old people merge have chronic illness and so on hypertension, diabetes, Lai Jinxin discovered that the partial patients with elevated blood pressure practice the Taijiquan from three to six months later, the blood pressure may reduce 5-10 millimeter mercury columns equally; But after the diabetic practices the shadowboxing, the slight diabetic even may depend upon the diet and the motion control blood sugar, does not need to take a drug again, the moderate diabetic may also reduce 20% equally with the dose, this demonstration Taijiquan movement also has lowers the blood pressure, the blood sugar effect.484009_347033212046439_463238574_n

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