8f3343dd9c507027019d74319a22c1d0 又有太極拳研究上頂級國際期刊了!

太極拳改進帕金森病者的平衡  新英格蘭醫學學報(The New England Journal of Medicine) 
有一篇文章,作者為來自俄勒岡研究所的 Fuzhong李,報告中指出,











但是它可以被太極拳修正。3_100926162937_1                                                                                                                                                                                                    Also had the Taijiquan to study the top international periodical! The Taijiquan improves the Parkinson patient to be balanced the New England journal of medicine (The New England Journal of Medicine) Some article, the author to come from Oregon research institute's Fuzhong Li, reports pointed out that To contracts 195 patients who Parkinson gets sick, divides into 3 groups, carries on the stochastic clinical ratio to experiment, Carries out mild and the moderate Taijiquan training, the time for each week 2 times, each time 60 minutes, continue for 23 weeks, The result demonstrated the Taijiquan training distinct improvement Parkinson patient when walk Balanced stable and thigh strength and extension, Has regarding the mild Parkinson patient reduces the condition the effect. The balanced ability's outflow is the principal factor which the Parkinson sickness patient body function and the life quality reduce. The researchers thought that the Taijiquan training improved the Parkinson patient the injury which possibly creates because of the balanced question. The Taijiquan needs the deep breathing and the relaxation technology, is one kind of union slow and the gentle movement; Coordinates Chinese philosophy ideas and so on father thought that has one kind of life energy. The Parkinson patient ill health, does not have the possibility is stems from the life energy the non-equilibrium state, But it may by the Taijiquan revision.

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