1902871_10202561200742676_1580713759_n 你知道現在最受追捧的健身方式是什麼嗎? YOGA、慢跑、拉丁舞,還是有氧健身操? NO,是靜坐!沒錯,就是盤腿坐下,或者雙腿自然垂下端坐於椅子上。這股“靜坐熱”已經風靡了美國、英國等國家和地區,希拉里、戈爾、NBA湖人隊教練傑克遜等都是靜坐愛好者。

在美國,靜坐已然成為了一種十分fashion 的生活方式,無論是政府機構、公司,還是學校、機場和監獄,都開設了“靜坐室”。據說,有的學校因為靜坐的推廣,校園暴力大幅降低。



我們都是在職場中打拼的杜拉拉,每天如同上足了弦的鬧鐘,在一個又一個會議,一封又一封郵件,一個又一個PPT 中疲於奔命。腰酸背痛、緊張焦慮、面色晦暗,還有用再厚的粉底也蓋不住的黑眼圈……都不可避免地成為我們的親密戰友。通過靜坐不僅能提高免疫力,緩解焦慮情緒,還能達到了美膚瘦身的目的。








美國曾經對一批高血壓患者進行過靜坐干涉療法,結果發現,靜坐訓練讓患者的收縮壓和舒張壓分別降低了4.7毫米/ 汞柱和3.2毫米/ 汞柱。



辦公室午間靜坐7 步驟









1. 靜坐時間越久越好嗎?


2. 如果雜事太多,無法靜下心來怎麼辦?

可以嘗試配上一些舒緩的音樂,或者是專門用於指導靜坐練習的音樂,同時把注意力集中在呼吸上面。woman-meditatesDo you know what is now the most sought after fitness way is it? YOGA, jogging, Latin dance, aerobics or kick-boxing ? NO, is meditation ! Yes, that is to sit cross-legged or legs fall naturally sitting in a chair. This is a " sit- hot" has swept the United States, Britain and other countries and regions, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore , NBA Lakers coach Jackson are all sit- lovers .

Although your card until it expires fitness is difficult to spend so many times , but you have been convinced that life is movement , of course, nothing wrong words , and quite correct.
However , in addition to sweating , rapid heartbeat can improve bodily functions outside , sit down quietly and sometimes also a very beneficial health movement.
In the United States , meditation has become a very fashion lifestyle , whether government agencies, companies , or schools, airports and prisons , have opened a " meditation room ." It is said that some schools because of the promotion , school violence meditation significantly reduced.
Hospitals also began offering meditation courses to help patients relieve pain.

In the UK, sit charm so many people can not refuse , we have opened up a whole world at home , meditation time every day.
They believe that meditation movement while exercising , but also let their attention more focused , more peaceful mind .

Sit- bar, access to health in silence .

We are working hard in the workplace Du Lala , as on foot daily alarm strings , one after another meeting , a letter and an e-mail , one after another the PPT exhausted. Back pain, anxiety , dull , and with re- thick foundation also cover any dark circles ...... inevitably become our close ally . Through meditation not only can improve the immune system , relieve anxiety , but also to achieve the goal of thin skin .
If you do not have time in the gym every day taking a dip in one hour , then at least draw 10 to 20 minutes, practicing meditation now !

1 , relieve stress , increase happiness

Professor of medicine at Harvard University , said the study meditation can reduce muscle tension , reduce the amount of serum lactate . Tests show that daily meditation practice 20 minutes a week later , focus and control have been improved mood , anxiety , depression , anger and other negative emotions are substantially reduced.
Moreover , meditation training can also thinning the blood circulation through the brain , so the brain response from the " fight or flight " to " accept the reality " , thus enhancing a person's happiness.

2 , protect the liver

After lunch, you will choose a nap , take a walk or go out immediately ? In fact , it is best to sit peacefully and a half hour or so, and then do something else , which is necessary for the maintenance of the liver . People in after dinner , participate in the blood are concentrated to digest food in the digestive tract , when lying down to standing by the body , into the liver blood flow will be reduced by 30% , if we move up into the liver 's blood continued to decline . If insufficient blood supply to the liver in the case among its normal metabolic activity will be affected.
So, after dinner to sit quietly , eyes closed for 10 to 30 minutes more than the blood flow to the liver as possible , the supply of oxygen and nutrients in liver cells .

3 , precipitation of appetite , weight control

Fast-paced urban life , making us not hurry , usually working lunch also and fight like a quick fix , and once had time to rest , and easy to eat too much , resulting in fat will occur . In fact , the behavior of overeating is caused by stress , when you desperately need to release stress through food , may wish to "sit " down to relieve stress , relax and let the " bites " the idea of ​​settling down after eating, so help
at slow down the speed of eating , tasting the food in slowly , will gradually reduce food intake , easily farewell " bucket waist ."

4 , lower blood pressure , cardiovascular disease away

The United States has been on a number of sit- interference in patients with hypertension therapy and found that meditation training so that the patient's systolic and diastolic blood pressure decreased by 4.7 mm / Hg and 3.2 mm / Hg.
Visible meditation is very effective for lowering blood pressure , which can greatly reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases , and will not produce side effects of drugs .

5 , relieve pain, painkillers farewell

Friends visited a few days, unbearable pain too often accompanies , painkillers become an indispensable lifeline , though you also worried about the side effects of the problem. Then try a sit-in , is very effective for pain relief . The study found that meditation does not change although the degree of pain , but the pain can be reduced because of the emotional response generated .
Because practicing meditation can train the brain to focus current situation , so it takes less time to predict future adverse events.

Office midday sit- 7 steps

Some people say "sit , like gasoline, is a source of energy ," eight hours a day working in the unit , lunch break is critical , it may pull out 10 minutes a day to sit quietly , maybe you will have unexpected gains .

1 Adjust the seat to the proper height , wore hip back

2 feet reach slightly over the knee

3 palm up , on the thigh

4 head naturally upright , avoid stiff

5 Relax your shoulders , do not shrug drooping

6 Close your eyes and spit aggregate , together lips, tongue touching the palate

7 Slowly inhale , exhale , keep breathing slender far-reaching

1 meditating longer the better?

When just beginning to practice meditation , every 15 minutes to half an hour is appropriate , and gradually increased to 1 hour .

2 If chores too , can not get down to how to do?

You can try accompanied by some soothing music, or is designed to guide the practice of meditation music , but to concentrate on the breathing above .1234183_629881723710441_2053018147_n


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