5597_580434195373005_302255384_n1380338_543126725770419_1348745142_n 1382004_542738085809283_985355138_n1467436_567007140049044_1382713689_n561605_543126832437075_900486125_n 603199_542737205809371_2075373163_n7d33e0a3gd33881bfcba2&6907d33e0a3gd3386a732e13&690 7d33e0a3gd338725d84dc&690武術薪傳~臺北市信義社區/精武少年武術班:武術對身體各系統機能起良好影響。武術從習武中獲得身心的娛樂性。傳統武術..基本動作訓練:武術的套路運動,它的組成一般地都是取材於各種技擊特點和技擊規律。由於這些技擊特點和技擊規律與人體動態變化的融合,在運動中便展示出許多靜止的和活動的平衡、跳躍、跌撲、滾翻、折迭、旋轉、奔走等技巧。這些技巧在武術運動中起著基本的起伏轉折、竄蹦跳躍的靈巧作用和活潑作用,同時也是武術靜美與動美的基本要素。在基本功的訓練過程中,獲得了身體的伸展、柔韌、靈活、力量等基本素質之後,必然要跨進這個基本動作訓練的階段,在這個階段去學會掌握武術的各種運動技巧,為熟悉武術的徒手和器械等各種套路運動創造條件。基本動作訓練包括平衡、跳躍、跌撲滾翻、折迭旋轉、步法等五個部分。通過這些訓練能夠發展動作的協調性、靈敏性和速度以及肌肉的彈性,能夠培養在運動中保持身體平衡的能力以及在運動中阻止和運用慣性力量的能力。課程簡介:一.少年武術班 1.武術基本功2.北派少林拳套路3.傳統武術(應用與變化) 4.兵器5.傳統武術的實戰訓練 ~真功夫是需要一招一式細心揣摩的,勤學苦練,在實戰中不斷增加經驗,不經過時間的磨礪不可能練出真功夫。拳的用法是拳術之根本,習武之人興趣之所在,最為寶貴、最不應丟棄、更不能忽視的東西,如沒有拳的用法,拳就沒有了靈魂。Martial Arts Legacy to Taipei Community / Jingwu Juvenile Martial Arts Classes: Martial Arts on the function of the various systems of the body play a good impact. Martial arts from the body and mind in the martial arts entertainment. Basic skills of traditional martial arts ..: martial arts routines movement, its composition is based on a variety of martial art features and martial law. Martial characteristics and martial law and the integration of the dynamic changes in the human body in motion will demonstrate many of the balance of still and moving, jumping, or flutter, roll, folding, rotating, running skills. These skills in martial arts movement plays a fundamental turning point in the ups and downs, channeling jump jumping dexterity role and active role, but also the Martial Arts quiet beauty and beauty of basic elements. Training in basic skills, get the body stretching, flexibility, flexibility, power and other basic quality is bound to step into the stage of basic skills, to learn to master the martial arts motor skills at this stage, is familiar with the martial arts unarmed and instruments to create conditions for a variety of routine movement. Basic skills including balance, jumping, or flutter roll, fold rotation, footwork five parts. Through these training development of motor coordination, sensitivity and speed, as well as the elasticity of the muscles, to cultivate the ability to maintain body balance in motion, as well as to prevent movement and the ability to use inertial forces. Course Description: Junior Wushu classes martial arts basic skills. Northern School of Shaolin Boxing Gloves Road 3. Traditional martial arts (application and change) 4. Weapons 5. Traditional martial arts combat training to real effort is needed a move by one and carefully try to figure out the, ground school and worked hard, and growing experience in actual combat, elapsed time sharpen impossible to train a real effort. Fundamental of the usage of boxing is boxing, where people interested in martial arts, the most valuable, and most should not be discarded, something more can not be ignored, such as usage without boxing, boxing there is no soul.7d33e0a3gd3387a69833a&690  

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