2007_09_27_1659562007_09_27_1734422007_09_27_173447p125215886611  p123745960027                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       回想當我初中高中的時候,到底許多的大學課程當中,早已被拉出成為一門獨立的課程,我無緣在學校修習這門科目後來,轉讀神學之後,如同以往能夠固定閱讀有興趣領域的傳統體育學專業及修練武術。                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   回想我四年的神學院讀哪些科目? 第一學年:社會學,外國語文(英文),哲學概論,宗教學概論,中國宗教發展史,基督教概論,基督宗教史,基督宗教經典概論,道教概論,佛教概論,中國哲學史,心理學,第二學年:宗教專業英文,西洋哲學史,宗教人類學,宗教比較學,道教學與宗教學,佛教學與宗教學,聖經新約概論,第三學年:人生哲學,宗教社會學,比較宗教學專題,宗教學史,人際關係,論文寫作,第四學年:宗教交談,專業倫理,宗教研究與論文寫作。最後神學系修業期滿,經考試成績學分及格,畢業論文經學院學位審查委員會口試通過准予畢業,授予神學士學位。回想我四年的神學修練也寫了很多很棒的屬靈文章,即使到現在,偶爾回想起這件事,心裡還是會有一股悸動 406073_337886879627739_2067961255_n                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         When recollection my junior middle school high school's time, ..... in the middle of many college courses, already is pulled out into an independent curriculum, I did not have the good fortune in the school to study this subject afterward, after the extension read the theology, was similar to formerly could 夠 fixed reading have the interest domain traditional sports study specialty and repair practices the martial arts. Recalled that which subjects I four year theological school does read? The first school year: Sociology, foreign language (English), philosophy introduction, religious study introduction, Chinese religion history, Christianity introduction, Christ ecclesiastical history, Christ religion classical introduction, Taoism introduction, Buddhism introduction, Chinese philosophy history, psychology, the second schoolyear: Religious specialized English, the Western philosophy history, the religious anthropology, the religious comparison study, says the teaching and the religious study, the Buddha teaching and the religious study, the Holy Bible New Testament introduction, the third school year: Philosophy of life, compared with religious study, religious sociology, compared with religious study topic, religious study history, interpersonal relationship, paper writing, the fourth school year: The religion talks, specialized ethics, religious research and paper writing. Recalled that I four year theology repaired practices also has written many very good is the spirit article, even if to the present, occasionally recalled this matter, will have one to palpitate at heart.480419_337885306294563_2002692756_n




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