Snap Boxing boxing importance, Fist is divided into 10 channels, each 30 to 60 movements. 1,2 road and they all have a set of boxing deputy, deputy routine technical requirements there is one just one soft. Name 10-way boxing is a way mother and child, 2-way line hand Gamba 3-way, 4-way Shengping, 5-way Kanto, 6 road ambush, 7 clubs, 8 serial, 9 Road Long wagging tail, 10 road train boxing. Basic skills are cannon fist boxing, slip punches, Fist, fist leg. Boxing also points length single (double) training equipment as well as training (hand on the training, equipment for training, unarmed and equipment to practice, etc.). Boxing system constitutes the basic movements and martial approach are step type, footwork, hand type, techniques, leg techniques, balance, jumping rotate, strike, stab, chop, chop, etc. Boxing summed up the characteristics of the following four points: 1. posture stretch, action compact. Limb and joint activities in a wider range, high flexibility of muscles and ligaments and joints flexibility requirements, contribute to the development of the flexibility of the muscles, ligaments and joints.2. moving fast statically indeterminate. To do fist like a meteor eyes like electricity, waist foot race like the meandering drill line wind, points such as nails, that is, in practice the process, whether large or small action tactics have to be very quick, agile, and exceptionally fast rotation in , dodging or punching, kicking, kicking and other methods of attack when, but suddenly still and stable.

3. force Shunda, distinct rhythm. Cha Quan force of order is from the upper extremity to the waist, pass on the shoulder, elbow, up to hand; in the lower extremities from the hip, pass on the knee, up to the foot. In order to accomplish this force, we must also achieve a distinct rhythm, that whole routine exercise process required hardness and softness, speed and white, coherent, natural Shunda.

4. Coordination complete. To complete coordination within and outside the human body, for action approach, agility, footwork must be up and down to take care of, coherent. Some of the more complex actions, such as turning, making the feet, jumping, rolling, turning and other technical movements, must have good balance, while closely with eyes, awareness, and action must breathe, so hand to eye, God-shaped one . This training method helps to enhance cooperation within and outside the regulatory role of the brain, so breathing and internal organs get exercise. After the founding of People's Republic of China,Boxing is listed as the focus of Chinese martial arts performances and events typical.  

7d33e0a3ga1da4d10f20a&690.jpg一代武術宗師~張式查拳張文廣宗師《 中國武術開拓者》Generation of martial arts master Zhang wide "Chinese martial arts pioneer" 

p112563928581.jpg 一代武術宗師~張式查拳張文廣宗師《 中國武術開拓者》Generation of martial arts master Zhang wide "Chinese martial arts pioneer"

01300000435438130788304366275_s.jpg1992年台灣第一位進入中國體育最高學府北京體育大學研究生部(武術系)深造學習, 指導教授為中國武術開拓者張文廣宗師, 1994年張文廣教授指導黃連順查拳.1992 Taiwan's first to enter the Chinese sports the highest institution of the Graduate School (Martial Arts) Beijing Sports University for further study, advisor for the Ch inese martial arts pioneer Grandmaster Zhang Guang, 1994 Professor Zhang Wenguang guide 黄连顺 boxing.

01300000435438134702250704848_s.jpg張文廣宗師及張式查拳傳人Zhang Guang Zhang style guru and boxing successor                           張式查拳張文廣宗師
查拳重視彈腿,拳套共分10路,每路有30~60個動作。第1、2路又各有副拳一套,正、副套路又有一剛一柔的技術要求。 10路查拳的名稱是1路~母子、2路~行手、3路~飛腳、4路~昇平、5路~關東、6路~埋伏、7路~梅花、8路~連環、9路~龍擺尾、10路~串拳。查拳的基礎功有炮拳、滑拳、洪拳、腿拳。查拳還分長短單(雙)練器械以及對練(徒手對練、器械對練、徒手與器械對練等)。構成查拳體系基本動作和技擊方法的有步型、步法、手型、手法、腿法、平衡、跳躍旋轉、擊、刺、劈、砍等。查拳的特點概括起來有以下4點:1.姿勢舒展,動作緊湊。肢體關節活動範圍較大,對肌肉和韌帶的柔韌性和關節的靈活性要求較高,有助於發展肌肉、韌帶和關節的靈活性。                                                                                             2.動迅靜定。要做到拳似流星眼似電,腰似蛇行腳賽鑽,行如風,站如釘,亦即在練功過程中,不論大動作或小手法都必須非常快速、敏捷,同時在異常快速旋轉、閃躲或衝、蹬、踢等技擊方法進行時,又能突然地靜止而穩定。

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