1911643_10202731385157180_1366527066_n  1453333_10201965187082707_98672133_ntumblr_mlxtspEErD1r4xo69o1_5002014年猶他州金剛般若武術學院 ~武館舉辦中秋節活動很有中華文化氣分~很精彩,活動內容:有中國傳統書法及中國傳統茶文化的講座、品嘗中國茶,今年往常多了 猜謎語 中國甜點等。武館的每一個美國學生都很興奮,認識中國傳統茶文化,都能夠學習到中華文化。武館舉辦這次中秋節活動,美國學生都很高興。「中秋節」是中國的三大傳統節日(春節、端午節、中秋節)之一。相對於其他兩個節日,「中秋節」的節慶活動就顯得較「安靜」。這可能和古老的月神傳說故事以及「月圓人團圓」的祥和氣氛有關。所以,「中秋節」在中國人的眼裡,是個溫馨和諧、極富詩情畫意的節日,有太多熱鬧的活10649631_10204009873798597_3254697997208502407_n動來慶祝。10659330_10204009862038303_4552784263411251958_n10622946_10204009868078454_5209254674507358282_nIn 2014 Utah gold just sort if college of martial arts~Mid-Autumn Festival activity:In 2014 Utah gold just sort if college of martial arts~Wu Guan held the activity in Mid-Autumn Festival to have much of China culture spirit for cent~very fascinating, movable content:had Chinese traditional calligraphy and traditional tea cultural lecture in China and tasted Chinese tea, this year compare usually many guess riddle Chinese dessert etc..Wu Guan's each American student can learn China culture to is all very excited, realize Chinese traditional tea culture.Wu Guan holds this Mid-Autumn Festival activity, American student is all very happy."The Mid-Autumn Festival" is one of three big traditional festivals(Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival) of Chinas.BE more opposite than two other festivals, the festival activity in"the Mid-Autumn Festival" seems to be more "calmness".This probably and the ancient month God spread to tell a story and the peaceful atmosphere of"month circle the person is reunited" is relevant.So, "the Mid-Autumn Festival" is in the Chinese eye and is sweet harmony and really enrich the festival of poetry painting idea, there are too many activities of jollifications to celebrate.1966798_10204009095259134_2978381948556885593_n

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