本人生長的故鄉台中市,四十年前之故友:游南勳大哥,昨晚從他大女兒:阿秋妹得知二十年前病逝,震驚、感傷之情交紛湧焉,久久不能自己~不甚感傷。人生是一趟只有單程票可用的旅程,沒有回頭路的風景可看,最後的終點都是要回歸大地之母溫暖敦厚的懷抱,在溫暖敦厚的懷抱中進入深遠而悠久的安睡。我們的心中有太多的不捨,希望您在另一個世界裡過著自在、消遙的日子。 我雙手合十,虔誠祈求上天能接引~前往西方淨土,乘蓮花往生極樂世界,極樂世界是蓮花中化生,藉由蓮花座能一心與阿彌陀佛的大願相應。憶故人 ~雲煙裊裊繞群山,仰望飛流兩淚潸,故友昔時遊此地,而今散落在人間。1146566_228791837326953_538997741_nForty years ago in Taichung City, old friends: Tour South hoon Big Brother last night from his eldest daughter: unreasonahle sister learned that 20 years ago, died, shocked, sentimental feelings cross flooded Yan, long time can not own to not very sentimental. Life is a journey trip one-way ticket only available scenery can be no turning back to look at the final destination are to be returned to the embrace of Mother Earth warm and honest, enter in warm Dunhou embrace far-reaching and long sleep. Too much sadness in our hearts, and hope that you lived in another world at ease, the sanction of the day. Tour South hoon Big Brother reborn in the hearts of many sad farewells, I hope you are in another world to live a comfortable, and the sanction of the day. My hands clasped together, devout pray to God escorts to go to the Western Pure Land, by Lotus reborn in paradise world, Elysium metaplasia lotus by lotus seat corresponding bent with great vow of Amitabha. Recalling enemy ~ clouds curl around the mountains, looking at the water rush two tears Shan, the old friends yore tour here, now scattered across the world.

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