63980_434592013290558_1941506479_n554991_434569263292833_1248620399_n 208424_434574213292338_1819114018_n陳肯老夫人慟於中華民國一O二年農曆正月初二下午二時二十分壽終內寢,距生於民國八年正月十六日享嵩壽九十有五歲,不孝孫連順率孝眷人等隨侍在側,當即移靈台北市第一殯儀館,親視含殮遵禮成服設靈於龍巖台北會館擇於民國一O二年三月五日農曆正月二十四日星期二上午十時假臺北市第一殯儀館大覺廳設奠家祭公祭,大殮後随即發引火化靈骨安奉於新北市三芝區龍巖白沙灣安樂園。69816_434565396626553_342856782_n 644234_434567579959668_687865943_n378794_434579696625123_1496019299_n                                              [祭祖母文]





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            不孝孫 連順 敬弔
Ms. Chen
Kenlao muses O two first
lunar month, the first two days from 2pm to

20 minutes of old age within the
sleep from the Born in the
Republic eight years on the 16th

of the first month
the shared Songshou ninety
five years old, lack of filial piety Sun
Lianshun rateHyo dependents

people never complained,
immediately shift spiritual
Taipei first funeral home,
pro depending containing the
undertakers compliance ceremony
Spirit into service located
in Longyan TAIPEI Optional
O, March 5,
2002 Lunar New Year on
Tuesday, the 24th of
the monthten o'clock,
the first funeral home at the Taipei
the big sleep Hall libation
the Family Sacrificial Rites ceremony for
big undertakers forthwith the
fire of the Spirit of

bone Anfeng Sanchih
District, new Taipei City,
Longyan, On Lok Yuen Pak Sha

the mother text]
Grandma! Today is
the day you Fengan
funeral, A along
with small wear kneeling
before the sound of the
Spirit call

600326_434563043293455_1591846082_n  226427_434557573294002_634454333_n582311_434582966624796_611837038_n  
Grandma, a few hours you will be
with us farewell, our
hearts offer all kinds of do not want
to, the worth of
sadness. Do not want to, we
do not want to only be seen in the
photo on your kind
smile; dismay that

you must always leave we
could not enjoy your
love, can not hear your
cheerful laughter ardent
care .

Still recall
childhood in the era
that the lack of supplies, you are
always hard work, thrift,

industrious housekeeping, hard
working. Grandma!

Your parenting and Liza
kindness than a
day, and we never,
ever bear in mind, this
life, this world is

Grandma! The
life from time to time to listen to

you talk, talk
previously endured sufferings
days, you often
teach everyone should know
the truth! Others to be
like they treat their own, life skills
necessary to be contented to
our foot field,
non-speculative, that we

abide by the truth of
the old saying "thrifty
household management.

Dien Wen B articles
kneeling in front of you
today, to recall the past
Grandma Grandma May you
rest in peace our little,
Please bless you and your family and
friends good health, peace wishful

Finally, pray your elderly
smooth entry into the Western Paradise
world Tiantai Senzan
two, the rest
in an early prohibitively become


Unfilial Sun
Lianshun King hanging
549987_434590659957360_193409835_n慎終追遠安奉祖先晉塔~龍巖人本「真龍殿」Reverence for his ancestors
the An Fengzu Zon
Reverence for his ancestors An Fengzu were Jin tower ~ Longyan people in this
spirit bone tower "true dragon temple ancestor spirit bit, so that their
ancestors Block owns a solemn environment, to express memorial Book of Rites on
said: Heaven and earth, life will the country; Jun divisionwho rule the country;
ancestors, the class of the.] this heavy, you have to report this; for the
newspaper, you have to repay the divine mercy, enhance Jude

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