7d33e0a3gade4f061cd87&690.jpg                                                                                                                      楊式如從小在1991年間跟黃連順老師習武,武術天份極高再加上後天非常認真專研武術,多次參加臺灣區武術比賽成績優異,十六歲那年,年紀輕輕,參加全國中正盃明齋國術錦標賽榮獲得第一名,為黃老師早期弟子之佼佼者,到了高中在臺灣就讀臺北市市立陽明高中畢業後,赴美國求學。2007年6月畢業於The University of Georgia語言學系研究所在校期間任中文系教授研究助理.講師,現已取得博士候選人資格。                                                                                                                                                                            演練武術套路影片~功力長拳楊式如(1998年第三屆全國中正盃明齋國術錦標賽北派長拳金牌) 功力長拳-廣泛流傳於我國北方,整套拳路演練起來,充分表現出北方的豪邁特性,『功力長拳』架式大而開朗,特別注重手眼身法步的密切配合與展現;演練起來豪邁奔放,優美中又不失其威猛的澎湃氣勢,為中國武術界『六大名拳之一』源流---- 長拳-少林拳的基本支柱是手、眼、身、法、步。其手法曲而不曲,直而不直,滾出滾入,運用自如,其眼法注目為鶴,審度敵勢,其身法起橫落順,轉動靈活,著重掌握重心,不失平衡。其步法進步低,退步高,抬腿踢腳,輕如掠鴻,重如落鼎,不強求放大弓、馬步形,求其自然,少林拳的一招一式,一拳一腿,非攻即守,攻中有守,守中有攻,虛虛實實,變幻無窮。中國武林中長期以來有"南拳北腿"之說,屬北方派的少林功夫,其腿腳的運用,則首屈一指,這使少林拳術運用起來更為自如,也更具有實戰意義。                                                                                                                                                                                                                                7d33e0a3gade4ee88c255&690.jpg  1991年黃連順老師之學生—楊式如(右一)等在天母國小地區附近                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Yang-style like goes study the Taibei Bright High school graduation after Taiwan, goes to the US to study. in June, 2007 graduates from The University of Georgia the language department research institute in school period is appointed Chinese department professor the research assistant. The lecturer, already obtained doctor the qualifications for candidacy. Drilling martial arts repertoire movie ~ skill long-range punch Yang-style like (in 1998 third national Zhongzhengbei Ming Zhaiguo technique championship tournament north school long-range punch gold medal) The skill long-range punch - widely spreads north part of our country, whole set fist road trains, displays the north fully the heroic characteristic, 'the skill long-range punch' the posture is big and is open and bright, pays great attention a hand eye carriage step close coordination and the development specially; Trains heroically bold, exquisite does not lose its overwhelming power to rush the imposing manner, for the Chinese martial arts 'one of six given name fists' source and course---- The long-range punch - Shaolin boxing's basic prop is the hand, the eye, the body, France, the step. Its technique Qu Er does not bend, straight, but is not straight, tumbles out rolls into, handles skillfully, its law gazes for the crane, examines and considers the enemy potential, its carriage gets up falls horizontally is suitable, the rotation is flexible, grasps the center of gravity emphatically, does not lose balanced. Its step progresses lowly, regresses high, raises legs to kick the foot, light like plunders the great wild goose, heavy like falls the tripod with two handles, does not demand enlarges the bow, the ma bu shape, asks its nature, Shaolin boxing's every gesture and motions, a fist leg, must attacks namely defends, attacks has defends, defends has attacks, the mixture of truth and deceit, fluctuates infinitely. Since the Chinese Martial arts world medium and long-term has had " South fist northern ham " Saying, was the Shaolin time which the north sent, his/her leg's and foot's utilization, was second to none, this caused the Shaolin skill at martial arts to utilize freely, also had the actual combat significance.

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