<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/l73ll134PNs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>                                                                                                          二十四短棍(打狗棒法)黃連順演練拍攝此紀錄時57歲, 拍照的據點:,埃及 紅海渡假勝地 虎加達。. 一代武術宗師陳泮嶺先生所創,傳遍台灣各地(尤其臺灣精武體育會弟子精練此棍法亦會對打),招式包含棍法、劍法、刀法等動作,如改用棍、傘、拐、棒、笛、簫,甚至拂塵、刀劍,皆可隨手以之禦敵防身。演練時隨個人所好,高架低架、大圈小圈、快打慢打都很適宜,分解動作或是連續動作都美觀,簡單實用、易學易練.。二十四短棍~1.右架打 2.左架打 3.進步掛劈 4.翻身掛劈 5.右掛劈 6.左掛劈 7.左後撩轉劈 8.右撩劈 9.上步掛打 10.護身纏打 11.背步撩打 12.順手劈打 13.左後轉滾打 14.右滾打 15.盤步攔打 16.上步架掃 17.上步右掛劈 18.原步左掛劈 19.左後轉搖打 20.右後轉搖打 21.左下掃打 22.右上掃打 23.背步纏打 24.側步反劈。24 short clubs (beat a dog good law) the Chinese goldthread rhizome photographs when this record along the drilling 57 years old, the photograph foothold: , Egyptian Red Sea vacation resort tiger Canada reaches. A generation of martial arts master of great learning and integrity Mr. Chen Panling will create, spreads over Taiwan each region (Taiwan fine military sports club disciple concise this stick law also to fight especially), the style will contain movements and so on stick law, swordsmanship, knife skill, like will change to the stick, the umbrella, to turn, the stick, the flute, the Xiao, will whisk, the knife sword, all may defend self conveniently by it imperial enemy. When drilling along with individual good, the high structure low frame, the great-circle small circle, hits quickly hits slowly very much is suitable, the decomposition movement perhaps the consecutive action are artistic, simple practical, easy to study easily to practice. . After after 24 short club ~1. right trail fights 2. left to hit 3. progress to hang divides 4. turning over to hang divides 5. to hang right divides 6. hangs left divides 7. left, pulls up the extension to divide 8. to pull up right divides 9. on step hangs hits 10. to protect oneself to entangle hits 11. back step to pull up hits 12. to divide conveniently hits 13. left, extension to roll hits 14. to roll right hits 15. step to block fights 16. on step to sweep 17. on step hangs right divides 18. original step hangs left divides 19. left, extension to swing hits 20. right, extension to swing hits 21. left under to sweep hits 22. on right to sweep hits 23. back step to entangle hits 24. side step instead to divide
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